NBA Finals 2013 (intro)

  • Position:
    CG Supervisor/Lead, Light/Shade, Modeler, Animator, Cloth Simulations
  • Tools:
    3D Studio Max, VRay, Afterburn, Photoshop
  • Studio:
    Juniper Jones
  • Images/Video:
    10 | YES
  • Year:
  • Project URL:

We created a 2min video that preceded every game of the 2013 NBA Finals that was a combination of filmed people overlayed CG animated background and effects. The challenge was trying to create a seamless transitional blend from section to section while still integrating the 2D visuals along with the background reflections and lighting.

Model: Stadium
Animation: Floor Transitions, Screens – Jordan,Shaq/Kobe
FX/Simluations: Banners, Rain particles, Clouds
Lighting/Shading: Caius Wong & Joe Nyugen

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