De La Soul – “Get Away”

  • Position:
    CG Supervisor/Lead, Light/Shade, Animator, Rigging
  • Tools:
    3D Studio Max, Vray, Photoshop
  • Studio:
    Chaoticflux, Baxter
  • Images/Video:
    9 | YES
  • Year:
  • Project URL:

Chaoticflux and Baxter Studios teamed up with Art Directors Kris Mercado and Lenny Bass to create the new music video for De La Soul – “Get Away”. Filmed on location @ Brooklyn Phono and digital art created in separate Brooklyn locations.

Model: Rubix Cube
Animation: Rubix Cube
Rigging: Rubix Cube
Lighting/Shading/Rendering: Rubix Cube

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